Discovering Ceramic Network: a new framework for Web3 developers

Ceramic Network what’s it?

Well, it can be seen as a P2P database, fully decentralized.
It’s based on DID and IPFS (DID stands for Decentralized IDentifier).

Ceramic network under the hood

Ceramic rely on IPFS to duplicate data across nodes, and DIDs to inspect who holds what and is authorized to update content.

Isn’t IPFS enough for web 3 Dapp?

IPFS is great, but the file identifiers change when you update a document (file hash is not the same anymore). It makes it hard to link data to a particular user.

To summarize

  • Documents are discoverable, thanks to json-schema
  • Data are owned by their creator
  • Everything is cryptographically signed
  • No token required



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