How Bitcoin works? | Where to learn in details about Bitcoin?

Seashells money grows on beachs

If you are asking yourself questions like :

  • Won’t new miners joining the network result in a price decrease ?
  • What will happen when all bitcoins are mined?
  • I’ve lost my phone, are my bitcoins lost too?
  • Where are my bitcoins located?

It’s probably that you don’t know Bitcoin well enough and that you are eager to learn more about it.
But… How and where?
Where ? Here! In this post is here to help you on your quest for knowledge.
How? By giving you a method get your head around Bitcoin and links to free and qualitative and free learning material.

Bitcoin complexity

Bitcoin is a complex system composed of many pieces working together.

You can compare it with a car. And if you want to understand how your car works, you better learn about:

  • Brake
  • Wheel
  • Combustion engine
  • Transmission

Then learn how all those pieces work together.

With Bitcoin, it is quite the same.
Here are some of the bitcoin’s ‘pieces’:

  • Hashing function
  • Asymmetric cryptography
  • P2P Network
  • Transaction
  • Mining
  • Difficulty adjustment

Bitcoin courses


I recommend this free course from the University of Princeton on coursera.
It’s totally free (just have to choose to follow as a free attendee). I personally watched it years ago and it was illuminating.
I particularly like this course because it decomposes bitcoin as I described before, and gives you real knowledge about all the pieces of this complex system.

Andreas Antonopoulos

There is also Andreas Antonopoulos youtube channel where you can find many playlists.
A. Antonopoulos is the author of Mastering Bitcoin book and his Youtube channel goes way beyond technical knowledge about bitcoin.


I would be damned if I didn’t mention KhanAcademy course on bitcoin.


There is no easy way to learn about Bitcoin.
You have got to take the time to really learn how it works. But all the information is out there waiting for you.
Take the time! I can promise you it will be really rewarding.

PS: if you got other interesting resources don’t hesitate to post them in the comments



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